What are You Thankful For?

Wellness Tips: Healthy Body, Healthy Business
What are You Thankful For?
  By: Tammy Parkinson

   Personal Trainer/Nutritionist


  They say…  “I am so busy at work; I have no time to do anything!”

You say…  “I am so thankful I have a job and am kept busy.”

They say…  “I have no time to myself; my children must be driven all over the state to play their soccer games.”

You say…  “I am incredibly blessed to have athletic and active children; they will always stay healthy as long as they are active, and we get the chance to go to fun places together.”

They say…  “I ran today and am sore and beat; I wish I didn’t have to work out.”

You say…  “I love challenging my body, even though it’s hard some days. I am grateful I have the ability to use my legs and feel sore.”

They say…  “I can’t keep up with all my friends demands; it seems I am always trying to please someone.”

You say…  “I have such a variety of friends; it’s always entertaining to spend time with such an assortment of personalities.”

They say…  “I have to go on a diet…again…it seems I am always losing and gaining the same 10 pounds.”

You say…  “I am going to finally lose those 10 pounds…forever…think of all the money, frustration and time I am going to save spending my energy on something other than the same weight loss battle.”

They say…  “I am up to my eyeballs in debt, I can’t believe I am struggling so much with my finances, yet I still spend unnecessary money. I blame the economy, my boss, my parents and my clients. “

You say…  “Even though I am barely rubbing 2 nickels together some days, I am incredibly thankful I live in a free society where the choice is my own on how to make my own income and how to spend the profits.”

They say…  “I am bored, worn-out, and frustrated.”

You say…  “I am so grateful I am alive and have the power of gratitude at my fingertips and in my heart whenever I need it.”


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