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Why I am against nationalization the right to exploitation the natural resources

The natural resources belongs to the citizens that are living between the borders of a country and they are organized in a country.

I am PRO the right to be administrated the drinking dam watter, the black oil, natural gases and other big natural resoureces by a country and not by private investors. In this way the proffit obtained by the state can be directed to education and health. Its a common/mutual riches and for it must be proffit all the residents. Dont tell me that this privated investors will pay taxex on proffit.

Lets see whats happend when BECHTEL (this company belong to an ex-director of CIA called John McCone ) buy the right to exploit the feed of drinking watter in Bolivia. The watter prices was double up immediatly.

Just see how predatory others companies are extracting the black oil in the african countries like NIGER. It is a big lie that the private investors are better than a statal administration.

Private investors are the enemies of people, capitalism is the enemy of poor countries.


Adelina Weiner


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